Intervention project though an international multi centric study developed from an universe of 6.494 people. The instruments used for data mining will be applied on teenagers and professionals in areas of teen health vulnerability and worker’s quality of life. The actions will be developed through teams constructed of teenagers, parents and professionals of health institutions, education, sports, social work and public safety of the institutions involved.

The activities are structured based on the following stages:

a) Awareness of managers;

b) Training of involved actors;

c) Dispersion for data mining;

d) Analysis of results and strategic planning of programed actions.

As a tool designed for facilitating analysis and discussion, this electronic platform was implemented for analysis and Geo-referencing of health indicators data, institutions, programs and strategic actions. The platform will allow a quick health diagnosis and the elaboration of proposals based on evidence from social actors involved in the project for the basis of actions, programs and public policies for attention to teen health and the formation of a shared agenda through strategic planing for the Triple Border region.

Regarding the demand of the approached concepts, these require from the public health field an opening of spaces where the teenagers can receive accommodations for their demands, with the development of constructive practices , through dialogue and promotion of autonomy and independence in their own health care. Approaches that take on the issues of vulnerability also take on a conception of trans-disciplinarity, considering the needs of the population and the specific context, not restricted to actions of emergency states in health, but the execution of strategies programed and participative in the search of resolving issues related to health vulnerability.

The development of life and social skills in teenagers faced with conditions of health vulnerability represent an improvement in the practices of health promotion, stimulating the development of intervention programs in groups and different contexts. This action improves the protection factors for facing vulnerability conditions, even for problems already installed in the specific population, bound to be supervised and have its behaviors suited.


Rafael Corrêa

Project Manager